A lot of public speakers have a “Good field, no hit” problem

Back in the day, baseball scouts used to travel the country to find promising young prospects. The scouts would sit in the stands and take notes on the players, and one of the phrases that stuck was "Good field, no hit," meaning a player who did only one of the two essential things well. Speakers with “Good field, no hit” are warming the benches of conferences all over the world.

For example:
— You might be a terrific presenter standing before atrocious slides.
— You might be a brilliant leader, but not be a natural at storytelling.
— You might be an expert who’s unable to communicate in, you know, English.

Any one of these pitfalls will keep your brilliance from shining forth upon the world. (But we can help.)

“Average is another word for mediocre.” —Seth Godin

So many conference conversations start with, “Don’t you hate these things?” You, yes you, can be the exception by not adding to the suck.

Millions of dollars, uncountable hours, untold opportunity lost to the toilet flush of paralyzing PowerPoint tedium. And the sad thing is: Anyone could have made a Way More Awesome presentation with just a little help.

True fact: Anyone can be a better and more effective presenter

Yes, even you.

Presentations are the lingua franca of our working world

Sad, perhaps, but true. If you need more funding, greater buy-in, and/or increased connection, you better have a slide deck and presentation that grabs people by the guts and pulls them (kicking? screaming?) into your world.

For the love of all that is good in the world, don’t just talk, Speak. Don’t just present, Perform. If you want people to give a damn, light the stage on fire.

Ok, ok...don’t actually light anything on fire. But, figuratively, we’re all about kerosene and matches. Let’s get started.

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