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Who the hell are you people?

Joe Heslin


Joe believes marketing is too often a horrible business—often focused on getting people you don't care about to buy things they don't need with money they don't have. He also believes that there is a better way which starts with not using the 3rd person. I always start my work on an intentionally personal and individual level. I balance new eyes and deep experience, proven methods and innovative ideas, the reality of "is" and aspiration of "ought." I offer results and revelations, internal cohesion, broadened awareness, and the self-deprecating humor of a paunchy old guy. 

Chris Landry


I am a writer and communications consultant who loves to help people tell better stories. My presentation work has won awards and was featured in the book Presentation Zen. As a poet and entrepreneur, I know the power of story, and I'm often saddened to see great people and ideas fail to make traction because of terrible presentations. I live in western Massachusetts, where I can sometimes be found playing the harmonica at odd hours (but not very well).


Stuff we like


Landry Brothers Design — The Landry Brothers build affordable, custom Squarespace Websites for artists, speakers, and others. A great choice when you need a site but don't want to spend a fortune.

Turnkey Podcasts — Doug and Strickland can help you start a new podcast, or can handle the technical aspects of your existing podcast.