How you can be way more awesome

Better Slides

Maybe you’ve been using the same slides as “Clippy” helped you create in Windows ‘98. We can take those, put them through our creative transmogrifier and make them into the masterpieces you deserve. (something in the $2K-$3K range)

Slides From Scratch

Say you have a presentation in note form, but no visuals yet. Let us work to bring your words to vivid, ass-kicking life with a deck to be proud of. All natural, with no fillers. (looking at sumthin’ around $3-4K)

Soup to Nuts

Congrats, you’ve been tapped to give the annual stakeholder address and you’ve got absolutely nothing. Let’s turn that frown upside down by working directly with you to build the whole (proverbial) enchilada. (let’s say in the $5K and up neighborhood)


But, wait, there's more!

Socialize Your Media

No, not like Trotsky. We can take your presentation, slice it, dice it, even julienne it, and turn it into bite-sized truth bombs for you to share on your social media.

Slideshowing Off

Let’s take your deck and, either with or without your dulcet-toned narration, make it into a presentation that you can slap on your website (or wherever) to tell the story without you even being there.

Ready for Your Close-Up?

Dagnabbit, maybe you like working with us so danged much, you want an amazing, high-fidelity, epic video of your overwhelming awesomeness. Chris is a virtuoso of videocraft!

The Awesome Presentations Workshop

We spend a half day or full day with your team, talking about the structure of good stories, the most common mistakes people make with presentations, and our process for creating powerful presentations that resonate with their audiences.