Nice to meet you.

We are award-winning storytellers, with years of experience helping individuals and organizations find the one authentic, powerful story that moves their audiences to act. 

Joe Heslin
I believe marketing is a horrible business—often focused on getting people to buy things they don't need with money they don't have. I equally believe that there is a better way. I work with organizations of all sizes, but that work always starts on an intentionally personal and individual level. I balance new eyes and deep experience, proven methods and innovative ideas, the reality of "is" and the aspiration of "ought." I bring results and revelations as we work together to build internal cohesion, broadened awareness, and engaged audiences in a way that's authentic and true. 

Chris Landry
I am a writer and communications consultant who loves to help people tell better stories. My presentation work has won awards and was featured in the book Presentation Zen. As a poet and entrepreneur, I know the power of story, and I'm often saddened to see great people and ideas fail to make traction because of terrible presentations. Because we're in a world in which PowerPoint is ubiquitous, I enjoy helping people unlock their true potential by using it well.